Latest porn trends - AE Predicts the Hottest Porn Trends for 2020

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Sex Trends That’ll Make 2020 Your Hottest Year Yet

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Hottest porn of 2019: Big ladies are in, gingers are out

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AE Predicts the Hottest Porn Trends for 2020

What Is PLASTT? r/PLASTT Porn Is Reddit’s Bendiest New NSFW Trend

Even more recently, Maitland Ward signed on to be a contract star for Deeper.

  • View Gallery 6 Photos Generally speaking, consumers are swinging toward quality over quantity, and porn is no exception.

  • The other 6% of traffic sees a lot of action from smaller search engines like Yandex which grew 54% in 2019, DuckDuckGo which grew by 63% and newcomer Ecosia which gained a signficant 192% share growth in 2019.

Beware of the latest sex trend: ‘Spite porn’ being sent to naughty exes

Female visitors typically stay 23 seconds longer than their male counterparts, and visitors between the ages of 18 to 24 tend to get the job done 64 seconds faster.

  • If you follow our blog, you already know that 2019 was a juicy year — jam-packed with celebrities, happenings, and events that influenced how people utilized and enjoyed Pornhub.

  • Gen Z is also more diverse than previous generations, which may also help explain the increase in spending.