@here vs @everyone discord - How do I change default notification settings for a Discord channel?

Discord @here vs @everyone Why no

Discord @here vs @everyone What is

Discord @here vs @everyone Quick Answer:

Discord @here vs @everyone Dank trading

@everyone vs @here in private channel confusion clarification whole server vs private channel distinction : discordapp

Discord @here vs @everyone Dank trading

It's time to stop allowing @everyone mentions in your say commands or even others. It's time to stop @everyone pings from bots! · GitHub

Discord @here vs @everyone How to

Discord @here vs @everyone Discord Server

Discord @here vs @everyone Discord roles:

Discord @here vs @everyone Is there


Discord @here vs @everyone What is

How to View Mentions in Discord [Recent @mention]

Is there an alternative to @here or @everyone? : discordapp

There are 5 announcements total, but notice that not all messages have the ping everyone.

  • Ideally, these mentions should only be used when something important needs to be announced.

  • As it stands, if you get pinged, it stays there.

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