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Family and Relationships

Kodar pictures oja Family and

Family and Relationships

The documentary goes into details about the three unfinished films on which Kodar and Welles worked together.

  • Or is Welles an American through and through, disguising himself in the cloak of European sensibility and perhaps existential sentimentality? Essentially, the current organization of the collection is an attempt to more fully implement the organizational schemes that Welles and Kodar were employing in the collection.

  • A month later, The Other Side of the Wind negative was flown from France to Los Angeles for editing and a planned release in 2018.

Portrait Of Olga Palinkas. Le 7 avril 1966, Olga PALINKAS alias Oja... News Photo

Unfinished or unreleased projects are identified with an approximate date range of the years in the work took place.

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