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Well, with that attitude maybe others not quite as much.

  • We did have a ton of very difficult places where we shot sometimes, like we were on the mountaintop in Vancouver, and it was -10 degrees Celsius or something crazy.

  • Nor does she add much to vampire mythos, save for the interesting tweak that Black vampires have an advantage over their white counterparts, with the melanin in their skin granting them greater resistance to the sun.

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They realize that Yen is nearby with the Keeper's skull, and Daimon, Ana, and Caretaker venture into the tunnels underneath.

  • With no other option, Ana tries to use the broken dagger to remove Basar from Daimon, but needs the other half which the Caretaker was going to use for Gabriella's baby.

  • That to me is the most important.