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Teddy Finally Told Owen That She's Pregnant On 'Grey's Anatomy' & Twitter Is Still Shocked

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The Saddest Breakups on Grey's Anatomy

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'Grey's Anatomy's' Sandra Oh Reunites With Former TV Husband Kevin McKidd

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Megan Told Off Owen On 'Grey's Anatomy' & Twitter Was Here For It

She's the best friend who's been by his side and who has had romantic feelings for him on and off throughout the years.

  • Fans on Twitter are understandably conflicted about the newest Grey's Anatomy love triangle.

  • His marriage with Amelia was rocky from the start and their values never really aligned.

Comedian Gary Owen’s wife files for divorce

I don't see Owen going anywhere, but if his character were to be written off soon, this might be the perfect way to do it.

  • And this includes your roof in a well-executed exterior color palette.

  • And that seems to be the general feeling among most fans too.

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