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She bribes Conan Arnold Schwarzenegger to assist her young niece, Princess Jehnna in stealing the missing Horn of Dagoth.

  • A lot of different little hats.

  • These are one of a kind and made especially for you on real photographic paper not thin poster paper! Sarah Douglas is a British actress.

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Luthor seemingly joined forces with Superman, who then told him to get Zod and his gang into the molecular chamber that would take away the powers of any Kryptonian.

  • Shame on you internet, portraying America's sweetheart like that! Even though gymnastic careers are normally short-lived, Liukin attempted a comeback in 2012, but literally on the uneven bars in the Olympic trials.

  • Their attacks were able to affect each other, but in the end, Superman was outnumbered and lost, retreating to the fortress.