Want to sell your artwork? Join Us

Q: Do you charge designers for selling their artwork?

A: There are no fees for joining PosterGully artist community. All you need to do is sign up, get accepted & upload your artwork. Consumers from over 100 countries can buy a wide range of merchandise of that design. With no investment from you at all, you instantly start getting the fixed commissions for your net sales.

Q: So what does the team behind PosterGully do?

A: We coordinate everything from manufacturing, technology, quality control, and shipping through to ongoing customer service.

Q: Why was my invitation to join PosterGully declined?

A: Each portfolio goes through a rigorous reviewing process to make sure the designs are original, creative & within the confines of artistic expression. We wouldn't accept copied, pornographic or insensitive content. Our team consisting of experienced professionals reserves the right to have the last word on which artwork will be made live.

Q: How do I create my artist profile?

A: You can request invite by logging onto http://artists.postergully.com/. You will be asked to enter your name, email id & links to online digital portfolio. You will then receive a mail from our team confirming your acceptance to PosterGully Artist Community. In case your designs are not approved, we’ll send you a mail declining your current artwork.

Q: What do I do if I have to send the graphic designs and photographs (digital designs) which are usually not in JPEG format?

A: We accept only JPEG & PNG files in their original high resolution format.

Q: What is the height & width of digital artwork accepted?

A: It is always advisable to upload your artwork at least 2000 pixels on either side & in 300 dpi for best quality output. Therefore we would suggest you to upload only high resolution artwork in 1:1, 2:3 or 3:2 aspect ratio

Q: What is the recommended resolution to upload?

Refer to the table for the minimum required resolutions for each product(in pixels,WidthxHeight)-

Wall Art3500x2700
iPhone 6 Cases1800x2800
Moto G Cases1600x2400
Moto G2 Cases1600x2400
Samsung S4 Cases1600x2400
Samsung S5 Cases1600x2400
Nexus 5 Cases1600x2500
iPhone 5 Cases1600x2500
iPhone 5c Cases1600x2500
Greeting Cards1100x1600
Moto E Cases1900x2600
Cushion Covers3200x3200
Square Art Prints3500x2700
Men T Shirts3600x5400
Laptop Skins2800x1900
Pillow Cover3600x2400
iPhone 6 Plus Cases1400x2300
One Plus One Cases1300x2600
Redmi Note Cases1400x2200
Moto X2 Cases1300x2000
Women T Shirts3600x5400
Unisex Tank Tops3600x5400
Serving Tray2400x2400
Wall Clock1650x1650
Accessory Box1650x1650
Laptop Sleeves4550x3030
Tote Bags4700x6200
Lenovo A7000 Cases1850x3000
Lenovo K3 Note1850x3000
Coffee Mugs2820x1230
One Plus X cases1900x3000
Laptop Sleeves5439x3789
Nokia Lumia 540 Cases 2385x4000
Nokia Lumia 640 Cases2505x4000
Nokia Lumia 640 XL Cases2475x4000
Nokia Lumia 950 Cases2265x4000
Nokia Lumia 950 XL Cases2295x4000
Nokia Lumia 1320 Cases2630x4000
Oppo F1s Cases2205x4000
Sony Xperia C3 S55t Cases2480x4000
Asus Zenfone 5 Cases2430x4000
Asus Zenfone 2 Cases2425x4000
Google Pixel XL Cases2190x4000
Huawei Honor 4X Cases2475x4000
Huawei Honor 6X Cases2565x4000
Huawei Honor 7 Cases2510x4000
HTC Desire 620 Cases2540x4000
HTC Desire 626 Cases2395x4000
HTC Desire 728G Cases2375x4000
HTC Desire 816 Cases2420x4000
HTC Desire 820 Cases2485x4000
HTC Desire 826 Cases2375x4000
HTC Desire 828 Cases2375x4000
HTC One M8 Cases2425x4000
HTC One M9 Cases2420x4000
Huawei Nexus 6P Cases2185x4000
Huawei P8 Cases2425x4000
iPhone 4 Cases2755x4000
iPhone SE Cases2190x4000
LeEco Le2 Cases2240x4000
Lenovo A6000 Cases2240x4000
Lenovo Vibe P1 Cases2215x4000
LeTV Le 1S Cases2205x4000
Moto E XT1021 Cases2555x4000
Moto G4 Cases2555x4000
Moto G4 Play Cases2235x4000
Motorola Nexus 6 Cases2520x4000
Moto X Play Cases2425x4000
Moto X Style Cases2445x4000
Moto Z Cases2205x4000
Moto Z Force Cases2185x4000
Samsung Galaxy A5 Cases2475x4000
Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Cases2210x4000
Samsung Galaxy A7 Cases2470x4000
Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 Cases2195x4000
Samsung Galaxy A8 Cases2400x4000
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tough Cases2690x4000
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Tough Cases2565x4000
Redmi 2 Cases2485x4000
Redmi 3 Cases2250x4000
Redmi Note 2 Cases2415x4000
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tough Cases2380x4000
Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 Cases2225x4000
Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Cases2235x4000
Samsung Galaxy J7 Cases2460x4000
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Cases 2425x4000
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases 2470x4000
Samsung Galaxy On5 Cases 2275x4000
Samsung Galaxy On7 Cases 2275x4000
Samsung Galaxy S7 Tough Cases 2210x4000
Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2210x4000
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases 2175x4000
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tough Cases 2175x4000
Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases 2505x4000
Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases2505x4000
Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases2710x4000
Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases2445x4000
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Cases2445x4000
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Cases2300x4000
Samsung Galaxy S6 Tough Cases2445x4000
Samsung Galaxy Z3 Cases2230x4000
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Cases2420x4000
Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Cases2395x4000
Samsung Galaxy J5 Cases2395x4000
Samsung S6 Edge Plus Tough Cases2380x4000
Sony Xperia C4 Cases2385x4000
Sony Xperia E3 Cases2635x4000
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Cases2485x4000
Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Cases2450x4000
Sony Xperia T3 Cases2370x4000
Sony Xperia Z4 Cases2390x4000
Sony Xperia Z1 Cases2715x4000
Sony Xperia Z2 Cases2505x4000
Sony Xperia Z3 Cases2375x4000
Sony Xperia Z5 Cases2220x4000
Sony Xperia Z Cases2760x4000
Sony Xperia ZR Cases2310x4000
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Cases2520x4000
Xiaomi Mi-5 Cases2170x4000
Xiaomi Mi-4 Cases2395x4000
Xiaomi Mi Max Cases2245x4000
Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Cases2210x4000
Xiaomi Mi Note Cases2460x4000
Mi3-M3 Cases2725x4000
Coolpad Cool 1 Cases1985x4000
Google Pixel Cases1875x4000
iPhone 7 Cases1782x2895
iPhone 7 Plus Cases1985x3270
Lenovo K4 Note Cases2040x3195
Lenovo K5 Note Cases2005x3195
Moto M Cases1930x3120
OnePlus 3-3T Cases1930x3175
Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime Cases1930x2940
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Cases1985x3130
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Cases2005x3155
Vivo V5 Cases2005x3215
LG G4 Cases2545x4000
Motorola Nexus 6 Cases2520x4000
Oppo A57 Cases2195x4000
Xiaomi Mi Max Cases2245x3215
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Cases2260x3215
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Cases2250x3215
Door Poster3540x7190
Door Poster7180x3530
Giant Poster4860x7280
Giant Poster7260x4850
Stick Ons3656x5496
Stick Ons5496x3664
Moto E3 Cases2240x4000
Moto G4 Cases2235x4000
Xiaomi Mi 4i Cases2510x4000
Jigsaw Puzzles2154x3184
Jigsaw Puzzles3450x2340
Square Metal Prints3020x3020
Metal Prints3568x5360
Metal Prints5335x3552

Q: How are the titles for my designs decided?

A: Please note while uploading your designs, you are suggested to name your files with the desired title for your design. Our systems will pick it up automatically and all products with the particular design will have the desired title.

Q: How many minimum designs/files are to be submitted at one time so that they are accepted?

A: There is no minimum number of designs to start at Postergully. But deeper the designer collection, more the variety and scope for consumer interest.

Q: Is there any registration, joining fees or hidden costs that I might be asked for after I join PosterGully as a contributor?

A: There are no registrations fees, no joining fees or hidden costs involved even after you join

Q: Does PosterGully expect any particular theme related designs from artists or it’s the artist’s choice?

A: No, it’s solely the artists’ choice regarding the selection of theme/s

Q: How am I supposed to send my designs if I don’t have any past work portfolio, website, blog, Facebook page, Deviant Art, Flicker Profile, Behance etc?

A: You are supposed to create a digital portfolio before we can accept you into the community

Q: I’ve uploaded my files in high resolution. How do I create a product?

A: Click on the edit thumbnail of your file, this opens up a product creation box. Here you can edit your products.

Q: Once the product creation box has opened up, how do I edit my artwork on the product mockups?

A: Choose the product of your choice from the menu on your left, click edit icon on top right of the product creation page and edit away!

Q: While editing, why am I unable to stretch my artwork on the product canvas?

A: The file has a lower resolution than the one recommended, and hence your artwork is not stretching across the canvas as you’d like.

Q: Once I have edited my product, what is the best approach to give Titles to my products?

A: For SEO purposes use the format as Product Title | Artist: Artist Name

Q: I was in the process of creating a product in my product creation box and I’ve clicked outside the box. The box has disappeared; can I see the edits I have made?

A: No. Once the box is closed, the product is automatically closed too. You must start again.

Q: Products such as phone covers have camera and speaker openings, how will my artwork look on these?

A: On phone covers, your artwork will be cut off in the portion that contains the camera opening and speaker opening. The rest of the artwork will remain the same.

Q: How do I get my artwork in the center of all mockups?

A: Click on the button below the edit button on the top right side of the canvas.

Q: How do I double check my files before product creation?

A: Carefully see your file to check for anything you wouldn't want to show up in the actual product. If you can see it, it will appear in all products with the design. Once you create your product, after moderation it is available for sale, so make sure it is ready. Color correction, cleaning and cropping should all be complete prior to uploading files on your dashboard.

Q: What happens to my previously uploaded/existing products/uploads?

A: In case you already have live products in your collection, they will be available for sale in your collection as earlier. Although, you won't be able to see those products in the Products tab (in menu).

Q: Sometimes when I edit an artwork on a product, there are white spaces remaining on the product. Why does this happen?

A: This happens because the image has been expanded to its maximum without interfering with the resolution; this means that you cannot expand it anymore. The image will be printed such on the product.

Q: Why does a product disappear on my product creation box after I have clicked Create Product?

A: This happens because you can place artwork on a product only once. Once created, the product disappears.

Q: Who determines the price of my artwork?

A: Price for each category is predetermined by the PosterGully team itself.

Q: Can I change the price of products?

A: No, you cannot change the price of products.

Q: What happens to a product once I have clicked Create Product?

A: Once you have clicked Create Product, the product is created for approval by us. We will check this product for quality, dimensions and placement of artwork, following which it will be launched online.

Q: Where can I see the products I have created?

A: Once your product has been created, exit the product creation box by clicking outside it and click on the *Product* tab in the blue menu column on your dashboard. This tab will take you to all the product requests created by you.

Q: I would like to edit a product/title created by me, how do I do this?

A: It is not possible to edit a product/title once created. You will need to send us an email requesting us to take down the product. Then, please upload the image and re-create the product.

Q: What file format is suggested for T-shirts?

A: Only PNG files are accepted for T-shirts

Q: Why is my t-shirt print coming on only a certain segment of the shirt?

A: We are able to print the artwork only in the A-3 space on the t-shirt, it is PosterGully policy and hence the artwork appears on only a segment of the t-shirt.

Q: How do contributors get paid?

A: Payments are carried out at the end of every month via NEFT bank transfer. You will have to enter your bank details in the ‘Payments’ section so that we can transfer your earnings via NEFT. Your bank a/c details are completely secure with us. For more information on security, please view our Privacy Policy here: http://pgully.in/policyprivacy

Q: When do contributors get paid?

A: Payments are calculated at the end of each month. Pending payments are cleared latest by the 10th day of the following month. For eg. your January payment will be cleared latest by 10th Feb. If any artist wants to discontinue we'll take minimum 90 days to clear the payment.

Q: Is there a minimum cap on the no. of sales before I am paid?

A: As a policy, we start transacting with consumers when they have earned INR 5000. And the cycle continues, with payments being processed after every INR 5000.

Q: What If I do not earn the above mentioned amount?

A: In case an artist/creator/designer leaves the platform for any reason or is blocked due to 3rd party copyright infringement etc. shall not be entitled to payment, if the pending amount is below INR 5000.

Q: What is the policy to change bank account details?

A: Update new bank account details in your profile. Send an email to artists@postergully.com, regarding the change in bank details.

Q: How long will it take to update my bank details for payments?

A: It will take 45 days in order for the payments to be wired to the new updated bank account.

Q: How will I be ensured that the payment made will be consistent with the actual sale of my design?

A: When any product listed under your collection is purchased, it gets produced, packed and shipped while you get paid. You can track your earnings in the ‘Performance’ tab on your dashboard

Q: How can I see how much payment is pending?

A: You can track your lifetime payments in the ‘Payments’ section in your designer dashboard.

Q: What is the revenue shared with the artists?

A: We offer fixed commission on each product, please find the details in the "Fixed Commissions" tab. This rate is fixed for all artists who have enrolled with PosterGully artist community

Q: How do I keep track of all my sales?

A: You can check your sales in the ‘Performance’ section in your backend dashboard. Select the range within which you want to see your net sales

Product Type Commission Earned(INR)
Mini Posters - 8" x 12"20
Regular Posters - 12" x 18"20
Jumbo Posters - 18" x 24"50
Jumbo Posters - 24" x 36"60
Glass Framed Posters - 8" x 12"50
Laminated Framed Posters - 7" x 9"50
Laminated Framed Posters- 8" x 12"50
Laminated Framed Posters- 12" x 18"60
Stretched Canvas Posters- 12" x 18"85
3.75" x 3.75" Coasters20
6.75’’ x 4.5’’ Greeting Card20
Laptop Skins 14.1 inches30
Laptop Skins 15.6 inches30
Small Print Posters - 12" x 12"20
Medium Print Posters- 16" x 16"45
Jumbo Print Posters- 24" x 24"60
Glass Framed Posters- 10" x 10"50
Laminated Framed Posters- 10" x 10"50
Stretched Canvas Posters- 16" x 16"85
T Shirts40
Cushion Covers30
Pillow Covers55
Unisex Tank Tops40
Serving Tray60
Glass Covered Wall Clock with Metal Rim60
Accessory Box75
Laptop Skins 11.6 inches30
Laptop Skins 12.5 inches30
Laptop Skins 17 inches30
Laptop skins 13.3 inches30
18 x 24 inches50
Laptop Sleeve Size | 14 Inches75
Laptop Sleeve Size | 15 Inches75
100% Cotton Canvas Fabric75
8" x 12" Laminated Italian Wooden Frame85
8" x 12" Glass Italian Wooden Frame100
12”x18" Glass Italian Wooden Frame225
12”x18" Laminated Italian Wooden Frame175
18”x24” Glass Italian Wooden Frame400
18”x24” Laminated Italian Wooden Frame350
10”x10" Glass Italian Wooden Frame100
10”x10" Laminated Italian Wooden Frame100
16”x16" Glass Italian Wooden Frame225
16”x16" Laminated Italian Wooden Frame200
24”x24" Laminated Italian Wooden Frame500
Coffee Mugs30
Mobile Cases25
Door Posters150
Giant Postsers 4.5 Ft x 3 Ft/3 Ft x 4.5 Ft150
Giant Postsers 5.25 Ft x 3.5 Ft/3.5 Ft x 5.25 Ft300
Stick Ons 3mm thick 12 inches x 8 inches/8 inches x 12 inches25
Stick Ons 5mm thick 12 inches x 8 inches/8 inches x 12 inches30
Stick Ons 3mm thick 18 inches x 12 inches/12 inches x 18 inches35
Stick Ons 5mm thick 18 inches x 12 inches/12 inches x 18 inches50
Stick Ons 3mm thick 12 inches x 18 inches/12 inches x 18 inches35
Stick Ons 5mm thick 12 inches x 18 inches/12 inches x 18 inches50
Stick Ons 3mm thick 8 inches x 12 inches/8 inches x 12 inches25
Stick Ons 5mm thick 8 inches x 12 inches/8 inches x 12 inches30
Framed Canvas Print - 8" x 12"75
Framed Canvas Print - 12" x 18"75
Framed Canvas Print - 12" x 12"75
Framed Canvas Print - 16" x 16"75

Q: Are files reviewed or will you accept anything?

A: Each file goes through a rigorous reviewing process to make sure the quality is top notch. That’s why so many buyers choose our marketplaces over those that accept lower quality files

Q: While making my design or quotes, can I use the already existing pictures or art in my design?

A: No, you can not directly use the already existing pictures etc.; your design must be genuine.

Q: Are the materials used varying in quality, except the design? What if I want material quality higher than what is proposed?

A: We have a standard for every product and so the product quality is optimum from our side. Unfortunately, we don’t offer different qualities for different designs on our website

Q: What is the height & width of digital artwork accepted?

A: It is always advisable to upload an image at least 2000 pixels on either side & in 300 dpi for best quality output. Therefore we would suggest you to upload only high resolution artwork in 1:1, 2:3 or 3:2 aspect ratio.

Q: Do I retain the rights to my own file?

A: Yes, it’s your artwork. We just provide a venue to sell it. When you sell your artwork on PosterGully, you continue to control the rights to those original designs.

Q: Who is responsible for copyright violations in files I’ve submitted?

A: As the contributor, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re not violating anyone’s copyright by uploading your file. If you’re unsure if you’re allowed to use an asset within your file, ask the asset’s owner or our any of our team members.

Q: How can I promote my collection?

A: We've seen a very strong sale stream coming from close networks of most of our contributors & some collections also go viral based on a strong word of mouth. So let your community know of your amazing artwork and help them locate it sharing that PGULLY/collection shortlink

Q: What mediums can I use to share my artwork?

A: Notify all your fans, friends, family, family friends, real friends, fake friends, facebook friends, friends with benefits, friends without benefits, followers, tweeters, instagramers, and every random person you know to share your collection on PosterGully

Q: Any special text to use when sharing my artwork online?

A: You’re strongly suggested to use the following text while sharing your collection link on the internet.

©2012-2014 PosterGully. Some rights reserved. Commercial use of artwork w/o permission is prohibited.

Q: Would my information be shared with a 3rd party?

A: We won’t share your artwork or your personal information with anyone ever. We ourselves get annoyed with junk/spam mails! Because we understand therefore we respect your privacy. We take extreme care with your details & original designs.

Q: What measures you take so that nobody copies my design through your website?

A: We take extreme measures to ensure that your designs cannot be copied through the website directly. Protection of your artwork is topmost priority for us because for a lot of designers, we are exclusive partners & we can’t afford anyone to copy the designs. Also you go though the privacy policy at http://pgully.in/policyprivacy

Q: What about my Intellectual Property and PosterGully’s Publicity Rights?

A: By submitting artwork to PosterGully, you grant PosterGully (Merchbay Products Pvt. Ltd.) a non-exclusive, worldwide, sub-licenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of and display the content of such listings in connection with PosterGully's (and its successors' and affiliates') services and business, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the PosterGully site (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels. You also hereby grant each user of the PosterGully site a non-exclusive license to access your content through the site, and to use, reproduce, distribute, and display such content as permitted through the functionality of the site and under User Agreement.

Please read more in the IP & Publicity rights section in our Privacy Policy. http://pgully.in/policyprivacy

Q: Why join PosterGully?

A: Our strategy is to make it dead simple for artists & designers to quickly launch their artwork & get selling. We also want to make you feel completely secure about whatever you’re sharing with us. We are focused on opportunities that are exciting to the artist community and also result in products that people find exciting and want to talk about. We’re building the largest gathering of indie designers. We understand the value of content & community. We work on giving maximum credit to the artists; feature them on our blog and timely updates on social media. Most of our best selling contributors get a lot of attention on social media, website etc from us which they see as value addition in their professional careers as well.